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The following tenders may be viewed on the website of
Central Public Procurement Portal

Sl. No. Details Download Documents
1 Micro Volume UV - Visible spectrometerNew PDF Format
2 Refrigerated Cenrifuge with swing bucket 96 well plate rotorNew PDF Format
3 Gradient ThermocyclerNew PDF Format
4 Real Time PCR SystemNew PDF Format
5 Gel Doc cum Chemi Doc and Work StationNew PDF Format
6 Automatic Cage & Bottle Washing MachineNew PDF Format
7 Genotyping System
PDF Format
8 Empanelment of manpower service provider for providing manpower on outsourcing basisNew PDF Format
9 Supply of security Manpower to NIAB
PDF Format
10 Liquid Nitrogen Preservation System with PressurisedNew PDF Format
11 Glove BoxNew PDF Format
12 FT-IRNew PDF Format
13 120KV Transmission Electron MicroscopeNew PDF Format
14 Guinea Pig Cage BatteriesNew PDF Format
15 CAGES Qty 100 nos and Racks with RAT IVC Cages qty 02New PDF Format
16 Rabbit Cages with BatteryNew PDF Format
17 IVC System for MICENew PDF Format
18 Dual Access Animal Handling Cage Changing StationNew PDF Format
19 Conventional Hanging Type Rat Cages with rack 03 nos and Mice Cages with Rack 02 nosNew PDF Format
20 Trolley for Transportation of CagesNew PDF Format
21 Integrated High Resolution LC-MSNew PDF Format
22 Circular Dichroism SpectropolarimeterNew PDF Format
23 Digital Droplet PCRNew PDF Format
24 LFA WorkstationNew PDF Format
25 ElectrospinnerNew PDF Format
26 Refrigerated Tabletop CentrifugeNew PDF Format
27 Rotary EvaporatorNew PDF Format
28 Spray DryerNew PDF Format
29 Diffusion Cell AssemblyNew PDF Format
30 Inverted MicroscopeNew PDF Format
31 Vertical AutoclaveNew PDF Format
32 Refrigerator -4°CNew PDF Format
33 SEM with EDAXNew PDF Format
34 Upright/Inverted Fluorescence MicroscopeNew PDF Format
35 FluorimeterNew PDF Format
36 PAPR SystemNew PDF Format
37 Analytical BalanceNew PDF Format
38 UV AnalyserNew PDF Format
39 Trinocular Research Upright Microscope for dedicated dark field application for LeptospiraNew PDF Format
40 Label Free Quantitative ProteomicsNew PDF Format
41 Co2 IncubatorNew PDF Format
42 Pipette PullerNew PDF Format
43 Vertical Air flow biological safety cabinetNew PDF Format
44 Cooling Circulating Water BathNew PDF Format
45 Semidry Western Blot UnitNew PDF Format
46 Liquid Nitrogen Preservation System with PressurisedNew PDF Format
47 UV/Visual SpectrophotometerNew PDF Format
48 Real Time PCR systemNew PDF Format
49 Archives


Mission & Vision

Mission: Development of sustainable and  globally competitive livestock industry through innovative technology.

Vision: To demonstrate excellence in promoting and commercializing leads in biotechnology and to produce globally competitive livestock products, pharmaceuticals and biologicals for animal health care.

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