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List of Publications in the Year 2013

  1. Smith, J. A. Magnani. D, Kahn. M, Harms. J, Durward. M, Girish Radhakrishnan., Liu, Y-P and Splitter, G (2013). Brucella Induces an Unfolded Protein Response via TcpB that Supports Intracellular Replication in Macrophages. PLoS Pathogen, 9(12): e1003785.

  2. Horn, Thomas, Kumar Reddy Kakularam, Monika Anton, Constanze Richter, Pallu Reddanna, and Hartmut Kuhn. (2013) "Functional characterization of genetic enzyme variations in human lipoxygenases." Redox biology 1, no. 1: 566-577.

  3. Athira, A. P., A. Helen, K. Saja, P. Reddanna, and P. R. Sudhakaran. "Inhibition of Angiogenesis In Vitro by Chebulagic Acid: A COX-LOX Dual Inhibitor." (2013). International journal of vascular medicine. 2013:843897.

  4. Horn, Thomas, Igor Ivanov, Almerinda Di Venere, Kumar Reddy Kakularam, Pallu Reddanna, Melanie L. Conrad, Constanze Richter, Patrick Scheerer, and Hartmut Kuhn. (2013) "Molecular basis for the catalytic inactivity of a naturally occurring near-null variant of human ALOX15." Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids 1831, no. 12: 1702-1713. -**

  5. Filosa, Rosanna, Antonella Peduto, Polamarasetty Aparoy, Anja M. Schaible, Susann Luderer, Verena Krauth, Carmen Petronzi, Reddanna.P et al., (2013). "Discovery and biological evaluation of novel 1, 4-benzoquinone and related resorcinol derivatives that inhibit 5-lipoxygenase." European journal of medicinal chemistry 67: 269-279 -**

  6. Soumya, Sasikumar J., Sheela Binu, Antony Helen, Pallu Reddanna, and Perumana R. Sudhakaran. (2013) "15 (S)-HETE-induced angiogenesis in adipose tissue is mediated through activation of PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway. Biochemistry and Cell Biology 91, no. 6: 498-505. -**

  7. Vadlakonda, Lakshmipathi, Abhinandita Dash, Mukesh Pasupuleti, Kotha Anil Kumar, and Pallu Reddanna. (2013). "Did we get Pasteur, Warburg, and Crabtree on a right note?." Frontiers in oncology 3:186.

  8. Vadlakonda, Lakshmipathi, Abhinandita Dash, Mukesh Pasupuleti, Kotha Anil Kumar, and Pallu Reddanna. (2013). "The paradox of Akt-mTOR interactions." Frontiers in oncology 3:165.

  9. Hofheinz, Katharina, Kumar Reddy Kakularam, Susan Adel, Monika Anton, Aparoy Polymarasetty, Pallu Reddanna, Hartmut Kuhn, and Thomas Horn. (2013). "Conversion of pro-inflammatory murine Alox5 into an anti-inflammatory 15S-lipoxygenating enzyme by multiple mutations of sequence determinants." Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 530, no. 1: 40-47. -**

  10. Vadlakonda, Lakshmipathi, Mukesh Pasupuleti, and Reddanna Pallu. (2013). "Role of PI3K-AKT-mTOR and Wnt signaling pathways in transition of G1-S phase of cell cycle in cancer cells." Frontiers in oncology. 3:85.

** These articles are available freely to anyone upon request

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