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Dr. Shailesh Sharma
Scientist D

Dr. Shailesh Sharma was born in Ajmer in India on 21/05/1980. He post graduated in Bioinformatics (I division) from the the University of Allahabad (August 2005). He received the Italian Government scholarship in Biotechnology for the year 2005/2006 processed by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development of the Government of India and he completed a First Level Master in Bioinformatics at the University of Turin, obtaining 102/110 marks. He completed his PhD in Structural Biology from the Magnetic Resonance Center of the University of Florence. The PhD course was recognized by the Universities of Frankfurt in Germany and Utrecht in Netherlands. The research interests of Shailesh Sharma are in computational biology and during PhD were focused on the investigation of structural, functional and dynamic properties of metalloproteins. He participated in both national and international schools and conferences. He was a post doctoral scientist in US-India joint research training program. This program was hosted by Seattle Biomedical Research Institute at the University of Washington in USA and at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in New Delhi and it was funded by Fogarty International Center of National Institutes of Health, USA. His research focuses on protein structure, genome annotation and Molecular Dynamics simulations.

Presently he is working as a Scientist D at National Institute of Animal Biotechnology (NIAB) in Hyderabad. NIAB is an autonomous institute of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.
  Shailesh Sharma

Selected Publications

  • Sharma S, Rosato A. Role of the N-terminal tail of metal-transporting P(1B)-type ATPases from genome-wide analysis and molecular dynamics simulations, J. Chem. Inf. Model. 49:76-83, 2009 (Cover Page Article).

  • Sharma S, Cavallaro G, Rosato A . A systematic investigation of multiheme c-type cytochromes in prokaryotes. J Biol Inorg Chem. 15:559-571, 2010.

  • Santosh Kumar Upadhyay*, Sameer Dixit, Shailesh Sharma, Harpal Singh, Jitesh Kumar, Praveen C Verma, K Chandrashekar. 2013 siRNA machinery in whitefly (Bemisia tabaci). Plos ONE. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0083692.

  • Sharma S, Upadhyay SK (2014) Functional Characterization of Expressed Sequence Tags of Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Analysis of CRISPR Binding Sites for Targeted Genome Editing American Journal of Bioinformatics Research p-ISSN: 2167-6992 e-ISSN: 2167-6976 2014; 4(1): 11-22 doi:10.5923/j.bioinformatics.20140401.03.

  • Santosh Kumar Upadhyay and Shailesh Sharma, “SSFinder: High Throughput CRISPR-Cas Target Sites Prediction Tool,” BioMed Research International, vol. 2014, Article ID 742482, 4 pages, 2014. doi:10.1155/2014/74248 (Equal Contribution).

  • Sharma S (2015) Assemblies of wheat EST sequences and annotation of Affymetrix consensus sequences of wheat transcriptome. American Journal of Bioinformatics Research.,5(1): 16-19 (Corresponding Author).

  • Whitefly Genome Expression Reveals HostSymbiont Interaction in Amino Acid Biosynthesis. Santosh Kumar Upadhyay, Shailesh Sharma, Harpal Singh, Sameer Dixit, Jitesh Kumar, Praveen C Verma, K. Chandrashekar PLOS ONE DOI:10.1371 / journal pone. 0126751.

  • S, Sharma S, Kumar R, Mendu V, Singh K and Upadhyay SK (2016). Genomic dissection and expression profiling revealed functional divergence in Triticum aestivum leucine rich repeat receptor like kinases (TaLRRKs). Front. Plant Sci. 7:1374. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.01374

  • Shumayla, Sharma S, Pandey A.K., Singh K. and Upadhyay S.K. (2016) Molecular Characterization and Global Expression Analysis of Lectin Receptor Kinases in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum). PLoS ONE 11(4):e0153925.doi:10.1371/journal pone.0153925

  • Mehak Taneja, Shivi Tyagi, Shailesh Sharma, Santosh Kumar Upadhyay. Ca2+ / Cation Antiporters (CaCA): Identification, Characterization and Expression Profiling in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Frontiers in Plant Science. Nov 2016, Vol. 7

  • Shumayla, Sharma Shailesh, Kumar Rohit, Mendu Venugopal, Singh Kashmir, Upadhyay Santosh K. Genomic Dissection and Expression Profiling Revealed Functional Divergence in Triticum aestivum Leucine Rich Repeat Receptor Like Kinases (TaLRRKs) Frontiers in Plant Science. 2016 7

  • Stanzin Angmo, Neha Tripathi, Sheenu Abbat, Shailesh Sharma, Shelley Sardul Singh, Avishek Halder, Kamalendra Yadav, Geeta Shukla, Rajat Sandhir, Vikas Rishi, Prasad V. Bharatam, Hariom Yadav, Nitin Kumar Singhal. Identification of Guanosine 5′- diphosphate as Potential Iron Mobilizer: Preventing the Hepcidin-Ferroportin Interaction and Modulating the Interleukin-6/Stat-3 Pathway Journal Article published 5 Jan 2017 in Scientific Reports volume 7 on page 40097.

  • Garima Bhatia, Neetu Goyal, Shailesh Sharma, Santosh Kumar Upadhyay and Kashmir Singh (2017) Present Scenario of Long Non-Coding RNAs in Plants. Non-coding RNAs.

Scholarships, Awards and Selections:

  • Selected for Italian Government scholarship in Biotechnology for the year 2005 - 2006 processed by the Ministry Human Recourse and Development of the Government of India and completed First Level Master in Bioinformatics from University of Turin and Biotechnology Foundation of Turin.

  • Obtained highest marks and selected for fellowship from the European Commission and the University of Florence for the International Doctorate in Structural Biology at the Magnetic Resonance Centre of the University of Florence.

  • Selected for Research project trainee at National High field NMR facility for the partial fulfillment of M. Sc degree. The project was titled “The application of molecular electrostatic potential in drug design” and was under the supervision of Prof. Girjesh Govil at the Department of Chemical Sciences of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi - Bhabha Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400 005 India.

  • Selected for the research project entitled “Mapping all Exon Microarray Probes over the human Transcriptome” under the supervision of Prof. Raffaele Calogero from the Genomic - Bioinformatic Unit of the Department of Clinical Science and Biology, Hospital San Luigi - at the University of Torino in in Italy. This project was funded by Italian government and was in partial fulfilment of Master 1st Level in Bioinformatics degree.

  • Selected in the "US-INDIA joint research training program "as a post doctoral scientist. Funded by the Fogarty International Centre of National Institutes of Health, USA.

  • Selected in 10 week visit to Genomics lab of the National institute of Basic Biology in Japan.

  • Winner of “Science Society Quiz Award 2004”, Post Graduate level, Awarded by Prof. G. K. Mehta ,Hon. Vice Ch., University of Allahabad.

Chaired Technical Session and delivered Invited Lecture:

  • International seminar cum training workshop on "Molecular modelling , protein protein interactions and computer aided drug design ", March 20 - 22, 2010. This workshop was held at IIDS , University of Allahabad.

  • Indo-US conference at NIPER on “Molecular Modeling and Informatics in Drug Design” on 3rd – 6th November, 2014.

  • Paper presented in national Symposium on “Emerging Trends in Agri -Bioinformatics, Dec 16-17 2013 at DWR, Karnal

Paper presented in International Conferences: 

  • Seattle Parasitology Conference, May 5 - 6, 2011 at Seattle, USA. Abstract title: "Ligand Screening using computational techniques".

Poster presented in International Conferences: 

  • Gordon Research Conference on Computer Aided Drug Design, July 17-22, 2011, Mount Snow Resort, West Dover, VT, USA.

* He is looking for the young and motivated project assistants, PhD students and post docs.

Mission & Vision

Mission: Development of sustainable and  globally competitive livestock industry through innovative technology.

Vision: To demonstrate excellence in promoting and commercializing leads in biotechnology and to produce globally competitive livestock products, pharmaceuticals and biologicals for animal health care.

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